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The river "Laagen" at Otta

Trond at work

The "troll" on the shelf.


June 2001
Congratulations, Trond!!
Norway - Australia
on a bicycle - alone!
You have done it!
 (July 2000 - June2001)


Latest news (2001):
Trond's letters from Darwin and Port Augusta in Australia
have now been added (2001). 

When he cycled into Port Augusta he had covered 
since he left Otta, Norway on July the 7th 2000.

If you get on your bike and cycle  24 times the road distance between Oslo and Berlin (and climb a number of mountain passes up to 2300 meters above sea level) - in temperatures sometimes reaching +39C - sometimes below zero - alone - then you would have an idea of what it takes to do this.




Latest letter
(in Norwegian)

Previous letters  
(in Norwegian)





July 2000

A Norwegian upper secondary school teacher 
(History and Civics)
cycling the world.


From Otta (Norway) through Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India (west), Nepal, India (east) Bangladesh, Myanmar/Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore , Indonesia and across Australia.


On the seventh of July 2000 Trond embarked on the journey of his life. Through the next twelve months he will not be teaching secondary school students  at Otta in Norway (about 100km north of Lillehammer), he will be on his bicycle making a dream come true.
We will be following him, tracing his progress  - and if he manages to get some e-mails through to us as he pedals along winding roads and steep inclines, exploring exotic villages and meeting interesting people we will publish them here.

(July 2000 - June 2001)
Christmas greeting from New Delhi (picture)
Pictures from Turkey and Iran (links below).







Itinerary and letters:

Stage 1 Norway (7-10 July 2000)

Stage 2 Sweden I (10 -20 July)

Stage 3 Sweden II - Denmark (20-24July)

Stage 4 Germany (24-31 July)

Stage 5 Poland (31 July - 8?Aug.)

Stage 6 Slovakia (8-12 Aug.)

Stage 7 Hungary (12-15 Aug.)

Stage 8 Romania (15-19?Aug.)

Stage 9 Bulgaria (19-28 Aug.)

Stage 10 Turkey - west (28 Aug. - 7 Sept.)

Stage 11 Turkey - east I  (7-20 Sept.)

Stage 11 Turkey - east II (20-29 Sept.)

Stage 11 Turkey - east III (29 Sept-3Oct.)

Stage 11 Turkey - east IV (3-5 Oct.)

Stage 12 Iran - west (5-28 Oct.)

Stage 13 Iran - east (28 Oct-? Nov)

Stage 14 Pakistan - west I (?-15 Nov)

Stage 14 Pakistan - west II (?-15 Nov)

Stage 15 Pakistan - east (17-24 Nov)

Stage 16 Pakistan - north (24 Nov - 1 Dec)

Stage 16 Pakistan - north II (1-4 Dec)

Stage 16 Pakistan - north III (4-10 Dec.)

Stage 16 Pakistan - north IV (10-21 Dec)

Stage 17 India - west

Stage 17 India - west II Christmas greetings

Stage 18 Nepal

Stage 19 India - east 

Stage 20 Bangladesh 

Stage 21 Burma/Myanmar

Stage 22 Thailand (northwest)

Stage 23 Thailand II 

Stage 24 Malaysia 

Stage 25 Indonesia I 

Stage 26 Indonesia II

Stage 27 Australia I

Stage 28 Australia II

Stage 28 Australia III









Scandinavia and Eastern Europe    
Turkey and Iran


Pictures 1

Pictures 5 (Hungary-Romania)

Pictures 2

Pictures 6 (Bulgaria-Turkey)

Pictures 3

Pictures 7 (Turkey)

Pictures 4 (Poland-Hungary)

Pictures 8 (Iran)   




(Geir Neverdal, Lektor, cand phil.)

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