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Wall Street Crash (BBC): New

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Primary Games

Encarta - Quiz Archive 
Language and Literature
Animals and Nature
Math and Scien

"Lord of the Flies" (William Golding) New
Read the book first

Madame Curie Quiz

Learning vocabulary can be fun  New

I Like to Learn 
Geography Quizzes 

Longevity Game 

"How long can you expect to live? We developed the Longevity Game to give you a peek into your future by identifying the factors that can lead to a healthier, more productive life."
(The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company)

What came first? (History) 
"Click on the odd items and send them flying down the Time Tunnel".

Tudor Exploration (1485-1603)
Learn about the dangerous and exciting world of Tudor exploration.

A place in History, 
Mapping the World etc. 

Australia - Locate the states

Let's visit Australia 1
Practice matching the vocabulary on Australia with the correct description or definition.

Let's visit Australia 2
Practice matching the vocabulary on Australia with the correct description or definition.

USA - Place The States (Geography)
Ben's Guide to US Government. 

USA - a quiz game

Twenty Questions
Think of an object and the A.I. will try to figure-out what you
are thinking by asking simple questions.

Past participles 
Elementary (but you have to type quickly).

Talk to Me
Try your hand at the interactive Council of Europe's EDL game "Talk to me!" and find out where the languages on the popular stickers are spoken. (difficult!)

EuropaGO New
has two new games for you to check out. The first, "Let's explore Europe", allows you to travel in time and space to discover Europe and its countries



Mit diesem Spiel kannst du eine Reise durch Deutschland machen, Webseiten populärer deutscher Gruppen kennenlernen und dort vieles über im Moment aktuelle deutsche Sänger und Gruppen erfahren.

Romea und Julian

Wer wird Biblionär
Bibelquiz - ähnelt  Günther Jauchs Fernsehprogramm
"Wer wird Millionär". 

Fragespiel zum Thema Ägypten 

Online Lernspiele - Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung
Spielen und dabei grundlegende Fakten über Themen aus der Politik lernen? Die Lernspiele der bpb bieten viele Informationen und einige Überraschungen.,0,0,OnlineLernspiele.html 

ZDF tivi

Wie gut kennst du Deutschland? (ZDF) Neu





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